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The Chosen Few es una organización que apoya y representa públicamente
al Hip-Hop como cultura y estilo de vida.


1 week ago

The Chosen Few - TCF
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1 week ago

The Chosen Few - TCF

MCs: LK, Pewe, Bab2, Doppia Erre, Sky189, K-Lips, 07RK, Geebra, Chilla, Don, Donna Wetter, Kay WIEOIMMER Beat by Fonk (Zona 167) Recorded & mixed at Ruumstyl... ...

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1 week ago

The Chosen Few - TCF

The Talk! Now! ...

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New LP out in stores by Doppia Erre TCF.
Available as record and also on all digital platforms.
If you want a copy, hollllla!

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Brand new single by PYRO TCF Basel Switzerland.
Deep lyrics for ya souls!

Available in all digital stores now!

Here's the link to the video:

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2 weeks ago

The Chosen Few - TCF

Zako MC TCF go hard with Rahzel

Zako MC
Rahzel beatbox king & Zako MC in a spontaneous beatbox/rapfreestyle session.

What for a crazy birthday night.

Chill out all day on my birthday and eat with good friends in the evening. Then to the club "Parterre One " at Rahzel concert and celebrated with my homies. It was a lot of love and joy in the room. And a lot of alcohol of course. And from nothing I stand on the stage with the legend. what a night. Thanks all for the congratulations,presents and shots...Only love for my friends.

Chang Kee #rahzel Parterre One Music Nic Plesel Flamingofarm

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2 weeks ago

The Chosen Few - TCF

On the 7th of december we gonna have another round of The Talk! For sure it's gonna be fire!
This time we invited Pewe & Don (Ruumstylez), Thais Diarra, Burni Aman and Jay Jules.
Live beats by REEL BEETZ and afterparty with DJ Turntill.

More MCs are welcome!

Entry: Free / Kollekte

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  • A que se dedica The Chosen Few?

    • Representa públicamente los aspectos culturales del Hip-Hop
    • Crea una red para artistas, organizadores, creativos y activistas en el mundo del Hip-Hop

    Que propósito tiene The Chosen Few?

    • Crear conciencia de la historia, valores
    • Mantener y alimentar la creatividad y organización de la mas alta calidad en el mundo del Hip-Hop
    • Crear conexiones internacionales

    En que se basa The Chosen Few?

    • Respeto, tolerancia, ser Positivo
    • Ayudarnos y apoyarnos los unos a los otros
    • Dar lo que recibes

    Descargar el manifesto en español

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